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Dispatch messages to your phone - No Dispatch Interaction

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Real-time Notifications

Members can be notified of alerts as soon as they happen in several ways: Push Notification, Text Message, E-mail and Automated Phone Call. more

Responder Tracking

Who's Responding supplements your pagers by letting members indicate that they are responding, either using the app or by calling a toll-free number. more

Optional GPS Tracking

Our app also allows responders' locations to be tracked, enabling educated decisions and ensuring nearby members aren't left behind. more


Members are given the ability to indicate when they are unavailable, either by a real-time toggle, or by providing a schedule of known unavailable dates. more

Push-to-Talk (PTT)

PTT enables users to communicate using live voice chat, turning their phone into a two-way radio. Each segment of speech is recorded and can be replayed. more

Internal Messaging

Members may send and reply to group messages with other members. Real-time voice messaging is also provided, doubling up as a private "radio channel". more

Virtual Pager

Your smartphone will immediately begin playing a live radio stream even if the app is closed. This is completely automatic and real-time just like a real pager. more

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

The mapping feature allows members to obtain turn-by-turn directions to their destination. Voice guidance is also provided, just like an in-car GPS navigator. more

Live Radio Streams

We provide hardware that allows your radio communications to be captured and relayed to members' smartphones. more


Dispatch to Cell Phone

Receive all audio or text pager messages directly to your cell phone. We support both smartphones and non-smartphones - Turn your cell phone into a real-time pager! Any text version directly from your dispatcher allows us to plot the scene automatically for you! More...

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Real-Time Dashboard - Play Video

Gain access to a web-based dashboard. Many of our members display this real-time view on a Smart TV. At a glance, see everyone who is responding, and how close they are to the hall or scene.

This is an interactive demo of what your TV screen will look like at your department. Click the play button to see a simulated example. Play Video

Web based Management Tools

Use our web-based control panel to manage all aspects of your setup. Add/Remove/Suspend users, manage map markers, view all historical dispatch messages, manage preplans for loading on-demand. Don't forget about our state-of-the-art reporting system! More...

Every department setup comes with both our web-based control panel, and our TV view.

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Dispatch messages to your phone - No Dispatch Interaction

Who's Responding uses the cellular towers in your area to send your messages. Whether you receive text or audio messages, as long as you have cellular service your message will come through. Cellular networks are constantly increasing in capacity and reliability, because of the increasing demand for excellent service. By utilizing this, we can provide service even in areas that your pager wouldn't normally work.

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Who's Responding supports Fire Departments EMS Agencies Police Departments SAR Teams Emergency Management Teams S.W.A.T Technical Rescue Teams

Our smartphone app is used in a wide variety of public and professional services.

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  • Search and Rescue
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