Dispatch Control Panel

With every county setup, we provide your dispatch center with a complete web-based control panel. Your dispatchers can now be kept in the loop with how many are responding to an incident, how close they are, and see all text messages that come into the system. (e.g. "CPR in progress")

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Your dispatchers have the ability to be kept in the loop while reducing radio traffic.

Modern and easy to use tools to manage your dispatch center.

Who's Responding

Dispatchers can now see if 1 or 20 people are responding.

Plot Scene

Your dispatchers can plot the exact scene location which updates on everyone's phone instantly.

Redundant Dispatching

If your pager towers are down - Dispatchers can still alert everyone's phone!

Toggle between departments

Dispatchers can easily toggle between multiple departments during multiple active incidents.

Map Markers

Dispatchers can see water sources, closed roads, landing zones etc.

Historical Dispatch

Dispatchers can view all of previous dispatch messages.