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Complete management of your account!

Gain access to your web-based control panel. Manage everything about your users and account 24/7 from any computer. Generate reports on-demand, and monitor everything about a call from our TV dashboard.

This is an interactive demo of what your TV screen will look like at your department. Click the play button to see a live simulated example. Play Video

Web-based Management Tools

Using our web-based control panel, manage all aspects of your setup. Add/Remove/Suspend users, manage map markers, view all historical dispatch messages, manage preplans for load on demand. Don't forget about our state of the art reporting!

Every department setup comes with both our web based control panel, as well as our TV views.

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Incidents Plotted on Map!

Every time we get an incident address, or any member clicks the on scene button, a map marker will be placed on a map so that you can view all of your calls geographically at anytime and by date range.

Real-Time Statistics

View real-time statics of our incidents — how many people responded to each incident, how many dispatch messages were sent, etc. Send call details to your email on demand for quick printing.

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You have complete control over your account and members

Modern and easy to use tools to manage your department.

User Management

Add / Edit / Delete users as you see fit

Permission Management

You pick and choose which users have access to which features

Advanced Reporting

Generate any report, any time

Preplan Management

Have your preplans at roadside

Map Markers

Water sources, closed roads, landing zones etc.

Historical Dispatch

View all of your dispatch messages forever